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His eyes in that third one. Crinkles of snarky humor. Total confidence. No fear. And a touch of delicious insanity.

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Why do moms put dishes away so loudly

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this is literally what happens when a young adult starts working full time

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QOTSA (by Amped Photography)

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Star Wars Episode 7 - The Auditions - “Ginger Droid”

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Cinderella Castle | Magic Kingdom on Flickr.

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when ur sad think about the fact that david bowie literally typed the comment “you wanna play with daddy, asshole?!” to someone who insulted him on the internet

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The dog-days are almost upon us.  Keep your kitties (and even goggies) safe in the heat.

Some other tips:

  • Put out multiple water bowls for easy access.  Consider freezing one, or adding ice.
  • Tie ribbons to the grill of an oscillating fan to encourage your cat to play and cool off at the same time
  • Place some frozen cooler packs in a rolled up towel, then in your pets favorite bed
  • Make sure access to the bathroom is clear.  All of that porcelain, enamel and cold water plumbing can keep bathrooms a few degrees cooler than the rest of the house.  Basements too, if available

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